Portshowlio 2018

Every year, the graduating class at Seattle Central Creative Academy concepts and produces their own portfolio show to showcase and celebrate the work they’ve created. Students are responsible for all aspects of the show and work within different teams to complete their tasks. As a member of the branding team, my job was to distill a visual identity that represents the class of 2018.

School Project
Branding, Logo Design
Nina Wesler, Michelle Noelke, Sarah Wilson, Nataliya Brown, Mariah Behrens, Amanda Welch, Akiko Masker


Not only did we have to create a brand that highlighted our work and personality as a class, we also had to build assets and collateral that could be translated across every team to create a cohesive feel.


Our solution was a brand that highlights the creative process, tools, and techniques used by the students. We transformed the 5th floor of our building into a Pop Up Studio taking influence from both Pop Art and Memphis Design. In the same way that the Pop Art movement blurred the line between “high” and “low” culture, our Pop Up Studio aimed to blur the boundaries between student work and the real world. To highlight our class’ collaborative nature and individual uniqueness, we utilized stacking, modular grids, and patterns.


With the help from Nataliya Brown, I created the Pop Up Studio logo that would be used on collateral across numerous mediums. After many sketches and iterations, we created a mark that utilized the modular stacking from the brand to convey a bold, personable, and collaborative tone. The logo utilizes a dynamic block that rotates between brand patterns and animations. It also has two other responsive variations to account for scale. Certain signage at the portfolio show also took elements from the logo to create a cohesive identity.

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